Hi, I’m Coach P, Certified Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, Educator & Content Creator!

What if we stop focusing on wellness/fitness “goals” and just started being a little more mindful? Or, imagine the freedom of detached awareness, where you free yourself of self-guilt and criticism?

Needing to fit into a specific fitness or dietary category is stressful. Why not start with small, consistent changes to improve your well-being?

Well, that’s why I’m here.

My methods and tips are based on mindfulness instead of strict and rigid routine. I’m here to help you identify your goals, act on them efficiently, and flow through them with practicality and support. I encourage and affirm proven methods that yield results.

Let’s explore together!

Detached awareness frees you from self-guilt and overly criticizing yourself.  A lifestyle anchored in mindfulness instead of strictness is more sustainable. I’m here to help you identify, act and flow. I don’t encourage what’s trending, I encourage and reaffirm what works. Let’s flow together.